Your Holiday Therapy prep

Follow the guide below to prepare your vacation properly and experience your Holiday Therapy:


Principle 1: Know the WHY

Why do you want to escape your day-to-day existence?

Answer this question and you will prepare yourself to be mindful. You will be aware of what your real needs for your holidays are.


Principle 2: Imagine

What are you projecting?

When you are thinking about your upcoming holidays, images come to your mind. But once on site, chances are that you will think about your workload, your social media popularity, etc., which will generate more stress. 

Instead, focus on what you want, on what will make your holidays successful.


Principle 3: Plan

No need to fill in your vacation agenda with overwhelming activities, you will produce more anxiety than enjoyment. Prepare a quick to-do list, but leave some space for spontaneity and let go ;)


Principle 4: Open up

Welcome opportunities that can arise with open arms: meet new people, try new things, do what you love doing etc., prepare your mind to see what you usually don’t see.


Principle 5: Have fun

The Holiday Therapy experience is designed to make your vacation an amazing and fun experience. It is the perfect occasion to know more about yourself and increase your inner strengths with playful exercices in the comfort of your room or any place you like in your hotel.

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