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Workshop : Deal with your emotions to loose weight

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

We think we know everything about loosing weight, what to eat, what to avoid, mandatory work out , burning fat cardio exercices etc... In fact, we tend to think that this is only a matter of willpower "alright, next time I'll do it".

The thing is that reality is very different, our emotions and feelings are playing a big role in the success of our weight goal.

Many have faced this situation where despite all food and sport countless efforts nothing really happens. Results are poor compare to the time and energy investment. Why ? Come and join us for an open-eyes complimentary workshop on Saturday 27 April @ 10am at Marjorie's place, JBR ( please get in touch by email for location details).

As a gift, one of you will get a chance to win a FREE individual 45 min session.


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