Holiday Therapy guest profile


Everyone is entitled to enjoy the Holiday Therapy experience because everyone deserves it! 

No matter where you are from, your personal status or your background, the Holiday Therapy will bring sense to your vacation. 

Seize the opportunity to pause and take time to check what is going on in your life.


So, who is concerned? 

The first question to ask yourself is: What am I looking for during my holidays? 

Most of the people will answer to relax and to escape daily life.

But who is actually really doing it? Who is really disconnecting from his routine? Very few!

Why? Because when you go on holidays, you are not forgetting your problems, you are only trying to sweep them.


So, let me ask you once again: why do you need holidays? To spend more time with your family? To avoid a burn-out? To reconnect with your partner? To find love? To find yourself? To escape stress? To soothe your chronic anxiety? Or just to step back and decide on your next life chapter? 


Just be honest with yourself: will a massage, a good restaurant, a volley ball game, a cocktail or your ‘perfect’ Instagram holiday pictures bring you what you are really looking for during your vacation?

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